The Northeast Autism Center
Nathaniel L. Bushwick, Ph.D., Executive Director
Y. Barry Kurtzer, M.D., Medical Director

1405 Mulberry Street
Scranton, PA 18510
(570) 575-2378

At the Northeast Autism Center, we approach the autistic child through a developmental understanding of human cognition. We concentrate on what the child has, not what he or she lacks, developing and expanding the child's current skills and abilities. We avoid imposing tasks that are foreign to the child and therefore meaningless and unpleasant, and work rather with activites he or she enjoys doing. In this way we stimulate cognitive growth and encourage increased social interaction.

We cultivate awareness of other people and make interacting with them a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Our goal is not only to train the child in socially acceptable behaviors, but to develop his thought processes and enable him to acquire useful life skills.

The Northeast Autism Center is strongly family oriented. We recognize that having an autistic child is a challenge both for parents and siblings, and they too need help. We also recognize that autism doesn't stop with childhood. The autistic adult needs help and services too. Even those individuals who have succeeded in school and adjusted well socially as adolescents need to learn to function in the adult world. We help them find and keep jobs, and learn the unwritten laws of adult society.

Above all, we respect the autistic individual as a human being, entitled to a life of happiness and fulfillment just as much as anyone else in society.